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November 18th, 2014, Raleigh North Carolina Judge Wanda Bryant stated this:  "The video games offered at their location revealed a prize that didn’t depend on any skill or dexterity".  Judge Wanda Bryant wrote for the court.   

Judge Wanda Bryant used the no skill reasoning to convict the defendants

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Six companies that provide software for hundreds of Internet sweepstakes cafes in North Carolina have agreed to cease operations in the state, the U.S. Attorney Office announced Wednesday.

Under the agreement with U.S. Attorney Thomas Walker, his office will not prosecute the companies or their principals on condition that they stop operations by July 1.

The companies are:

  • White Sands Technology LLC – 180 locations
  • Sierra Software LLC – 175 locations
  • TNT Software LLC – 40 locations
  • Digital Reveal LLC – 25 locations
  • Figure 8 Technologies Inc. – more than 200 locations before selling its software in January 2014.
  • HSV Entertainment LLC

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